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Affordable & Proven Process

We Use a Three-Step System 1. Clean All wood surfaces are vigorously cleaned to remove grease, oil, food & smudges left behind from cooking and oiling of the woodwork. We use a pleasant smelling industrial grade citrus product and LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE. 2. Repair Nicks, scratches, and damage from peeling or flaking from water…

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Safe & Dust Free Refinishing

The use of green chemical technology in our processes enables us to eliminate the common toxic environment and the dusty, sticky mess involved in traditional refinishing.  Much of the extended labor time is also eliminated passing excellent savings onto our customers. Our products and techniques are the keys that enable us to attain a gorgeous, long-lasting…

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Refresh Your Woodwork to Look New Again

Our process works well with all traditionally stained finishes as well as custom-matched pickled, glazed, whitewashed and painted surfaces. Similar to fine furniture craftsman techniques, we use microfiber cloths for application to avoid runs, brush marks, overspray, or fog in your house. Our scent-free acrylic finish bonds to the woodwork’s current surface making it smooth…

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