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Affordable & Proven Process

We Use a Three-Step System

1. Clean

All wood surfaces are vigorously cleaned to remove grease, oil, food & smudges left behind from cooking and oiling of the woodwork. We use a pleasant smelling industrial grade citrus product and LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE.

2. Repair

Nicks, scratches, and damage from peeling or flaking from water and heat are touched up or filled in with appropriate stains, colors and wood fillers. At this point, various finishes may be applied to the most damaged areas to create a strong foundation.

3. Re-Seal

We apply six to eight coats of our final finish formula to restore your woodwork to a like new finish. Our Gleam Guard finish is unlike anything you’ve seen or worked with that gives your woodwork a long lasting clean appearance.

We Refresh Woodwook to a Like New Appearance On:

  • Cabinets and Vanities
  • Paneling and Molding
  • Doors and Frames
  • Desks and Credenzas
  • Window Frames